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When Kids Meet FPGAs

Nov 16, 2022
enclustra future day 2022 enclustra future day 2022
During National Future Day, kids took over control at Enclustra

13 children from 5th to 6th grade took the opportunity to get an insight into the fascinating world of electrical engineering and FPGAs.

In a world where gender-appropriate career guidance is so necessary, it was amazing to see that not only boys were so interested, but girls too.

From bits and bytes, logical gates to production and marketing: The kids got glimpses of how to develop and market an electronic product successfully. They even could solder an electronic board!

We hope they all experienced how exciting electronics is – and working at Enclustra. We have been happy to welcome the next generation of engineers and are looking forward to National Future Day 2023!

FPGAworld Conference 2022

Sep 08, 2022

Stockholm: September 13 – Copenhagen: September 15

The FPGAworld Conference is an international forum for researchers, engineers, teachers, students, and hackers. It covers topics such as complex analog/digital/software FPGA SoC systems, FPGA/ASIC-based products, educational and industrial cases, and more.

Take the opportunity to meet Enclustra in Stockholm and Copenhagen. We are exhibiting our powerful and flexible SoC modules and will show how you can shorten your development time. In Stockholm, we will also show you how to implement signal processing systems efficiently in a speech: "Efficient FPGA-based DSP – from KS/s up to GS/s". It will take place at 14:00 in room Devoted 04/Track 2.

Get all the info: FPGAworld 2022

Free seminar: Vision Projects with AMD Xilinx MPSoCs

Sep 06, 2022

In this seminar you learn how to successfully build a vision pipeline: connecting an image sensor to the FPGA, transferring the data to the CPU/PS, processing it in Linux and how to use the FPGA fabric as a machine vision accelerator.

When and where:

Get all the details and register for free: More info

Free seminar: Jump-start your AI based FPGA application

Meet Us at the Microchip Mi-V Virtual Summit

Jul 11, 2022

Meet Enclustra at the second Mi-V Virtual Summit Conference July 20-21. This event is a technology showcase that will bring together an esteemed group of innovators, academics, clients and collaborators.

Enclustra will present the Mercury+ MP1, it's first PolarFire SoC FPGA based system-on-module (SOM). Don't miss the presentation «Shorten Time-to-Market With an Enclustra System on Module». Register for the the Enclustra Session that will take place on July 21st at 10:30 a.m. PDT to get all the details.

The Mi-V Virtual Summit Conference will deliver valuable information about solutions, hardware, tools and Intellectual Property (IP) that are available for the PolarFire SoC FPGA family. The Mi-V Virtual Summit Conference will deliver engaging and high-quality content.

Join the PolarFire SoC revolution and register to attend the Mi-V Virtual Summit today.

FPGA Conference Europe

Jun 28, 2022

The FPGA Conference Europe is the largest congress on FPGA technology on the continent. It focusses on user-oriented, practically applicable solutions that developers can quickly integrate into their own everyday work.

Besides a booth showcasing our newest and highly integrated System-on-Modules, Harry Commin is presenting how to simplify and speed the up development of FPGA based digital signal processing systems. Implementing digital signal processing with FPGAs used to be hard, because it had to be described with VHDL or Verilog. That’s why Enclustra developed a DSP Library for FPGA design. The presentation «Efficient FPGA-Based DSP up to GS/s» shows how to assemble an entire digital signal processing system graphically in a very short time. The library includes FIR and CIC filters, CORDIC, function approximations, buffers and time-division multiplexing infrastructure, and supports both continuous-wave and pulse processing.

To further simplify and speed up development, the DSP Library also contains bit-true simulation models based on an open-source Python framework. This allows the exact functionality to be tested, simulated, and optimized with the full power and ease of Python.

When: July 5 – 6 2022
Where: NH München Ost Conference Center

Presentation: Efficient FPGA-Based DSP up to GS/s
Time: 12:00 - 12:45 pm, July 5, Track 1 – Application,
Speaker: Dr. Harry Commin, Enclustra – Everything FPGA.

Get all the details: FPGA-Conference Europe 2022

We look forward to meeting you!

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