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FPGA Manager supports PCIe Gen3 & UltraScale+

Jun 06, 2019

Enclustra FPGA Manager

Enclustra is continuously developing its IP cores to support both new technologies such as PCIe Gen3 as well as new modules such as the Xilinx UltraScale+ series. Every license holder of the relevant options with active maintenance will of course be able to benefit from the updates and improvements at no extra cost.

The next FPGA Manager release will now support PCIe Gen3 for Xilinx UltraScale+ modules and achieve data transfer rates of over 3 GByte/sec (Gen3 x4). The new release also contains numerous optimized and improved features. From now on, the API library will also be supplied as a NuGet package, which will make integration and updating significantly easier. Have you tried this out yet?

A focus on quality

Jun 04, 2019

Enclustra is continuously optimizing all its processes and products to ensure that you, our customers, gain an advantage over your competitors.

In connection with this, Enclustra has decided to reinforce its team in the form of Kim Nicolas Naef. Following his appointment as Quality Manager, the Zurich-based company can now count a recognized expert for process-optimization, validation and outsourcing projects among its ranks. Owing to his extensive professional experience in hardware development, the management of a repairs business, sales as well as in electronics manufacturing in the closely related embedded computing industry, Kim Nicolas Naef brings an excellent understanding of the Enclustra business areas in which the company is looking to receive certification.

The Mercury+ XU7 is here

May 31, 2019

mercury xu 7

Hot on the heels of the Mercury+ XU8, the Mercury+ XU7 is now the next MPSoC module to roll off the production line and passed the bring-up with flying colors. The SoC module is optimized to handle high bandwidths and large data volumes and is based on the Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC and boasts twenty multi-gigabit transceivers, each with a data transfer rate of up to 15 Gbps. Thanks to up to 747,000 LUT4-eq the Mercury+ XU7 is ready for resource-hungry applications.

Order a Mercury+ XU7 now.

Enclustra parle aussi français

May 14, 2019

Enclustra strongly believes that close working relationships and personal contact are key factors towards ensuring the success of a project. This is why we have decided that Aimad Rhatay, Sales Director for France, Québec and Belgium, will serve all of our French-speaking customers from his office in Rennes.

Aimad Rhatay has decades of experience working with FPGA and ASIC technology in the embedded industry, and has worked in numerous roles at Thomson Broadcast, Atmel and in a self-founded ASIC/FPGA company.

Do you have any questions or are looking for an FPGA solution? Get in contact with Aimad.

The Mars ST3 base board is showing up

Apr 17, 2019

mars st3

For display centric applications, Enclustra is soon releasing the Mars ST3 base board to mass production. In addition to the usual standard interfaces, it also offers connectors for HDMI, Mini DisplayPort and MIPI.

The bring-up is almost done and the board soon ready for mass production. More details, release date and pricing will be available soon!

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