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Perspective through Stereo



What was once only possible in crime series is now a reality: 3D scans of forensic evidence found at crime scenes, recording minute details to be later analyzed from all angles. Enclustra developed the main elements of the 3D-Forensics scanner.

Customer Challenge

Procure an FPGA-based electronic system that is small enough to fit into the hand-held case, performant enough to meet the functional requirements and power-efficient enough to ensure a reasonable battery runtime.

The Solution

A system based on the Enclustra Mars AX3 module projects interference patterns through a miniaturized beamer attached via HDMI and simultaneously captures stereo images via two cameras connected to the Mars EB1 base board over Camera Link. The FPGA firmware running on the Mars AX3 then streams the data to a host PC via Enclustra’s FPGA Manager Ethernet IP solution.

The Result

A compact, cost-effective FPGA-platform as the heart of the 3D-Forensics scanner solution.


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