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FMC DR2 Drive Control Card FMC DR2 Drive Control Card (Front)
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The FMC DR2 FMC card enables the development of high-performance drive control systems on carrier boards with a FMC connector, like the Enclustra Mars PM3 or the Mercury+ PE1.

With its powerful MOSFET bridges and versatile encoder, CAN bus and GPIO ports, most applications can be built without developing custom hardware.
The board is designed for Enclustra’s Universal Drive IP core, but can be used with other drive controllers.



  • Total power capability: 42V × 18A = 756 W
  • Cooling strip for optimal power dissipation
  • Designed for Enclustra’s Universal Drive IP core
  • Compatible with most third party FPGA evaluation boards
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  • The FMC standard form factor ensures a high-level of both forward and backward compatibility with FPGA evaluation boards.
  • The board supports the most common drive types due to the versatile drive connectors and the two-channel simultaneously sampling A/D converter.
  • The board has a high power capability and supports multiple drive types simultaneously for an optimal fit to the target application.
  • The board supports monitoring of all drive and supply voltages for optimal drive control and safety.


  • FMC low pin count (LPC) connector
  • Supports 2 BLDC, 3 DC or 1-2 stepper motors
  • 6 MOSFET half-bridges supporting 9A each
  • Supports PWM frequencies of 200kHz and higher
  • Current sense amplifiers and A/D converters
  • Encoder / Hall sensor interfaces
  • 30V sensor inputs and actor outputs
  • Brake chopper to dissipate brake energy
  • CAN transceiver & temperature sensors
  • EMC filters on drive outputs

Functional testing is limited to the Drive Evaluation Kit
The FMC-DR2 is not compatible with Enclustra base boards combined with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ modules.

Board Architecture

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Product Selection Matrix

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FMC-DR2 0..+70°C

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Target Applications

  • Motion / Drive Control
  • Evaluation
  • Rapid Prototyping

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