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Application Notes

  • Video Application Note

    This appnote demonstrates how you can easily run, implement and prototype video applications on Enclustra hardware. Whether it is a high-resolution camera application via MIPI or USB3.0, or several displays with different interfaces like HDMI, DisplayPort or MIPI that also need to be controlled in high resolution, or even highly efficient video encoding with hardware needed to encode and decode H264 and H265 codecs, you will find what you are looking for with us.

  • I2C Application Note

    This application note presents different possibilities to make use of the I2C bus to interface with the different I2C devices on Enclustra hardware.

  • Gigabit Ethernet Application Note

    This application note gives an overview over the setup process for Gigabit Ethernet on Enclustra hardware. This includes obtaining the individual MAC addresses of the hardware in use, setting the correct RGMII timing constraints and configuring the PHY delays via MDIO.

  • Mercury Heat Sink Application Note

    This application note provides information on the Mercury heatsink kits: package content, options, dimensions, module compatibility and gap pad selection, and mounting guide information.

  • Enclustra Build Environment Application Note

    This application note describes the three main parts of the Enclustra Build Environment: U-Boot, Linux kernel and root file system. It provides details on the build flow for each part, including examples on how to customize certain components according to the system requirements. In addition, references to other useful documents are included.

  • Secure Boot Application Note for Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC

    This application note provides a reference implementation and instructions on how to create a secure and boot able image for your device, as well as other security features provided with the Xilinx UltraScale+ MPSoC.

  • MIPI Implementation Application Note

    This application note provides pinout recommendations for MIPI implementation on custom base boards providing compatibility between Enclustra Mercury+ XU7, XU8 and XU9 modules.