PCI Express to Wishbone Bridge


We were asked to migrate the SPI slave interfaces of an existing FPGA design to PCIe interfaces providing massively more bandwidth, while maintaining the FPGA-internal Wishbone communication infrastructure and as much as possible of the embedded software controlling the SPI masters.

Subsequently, we replaced the SPI slave interfaces with a multi-function PCIe endpoint with attached Wishbone masters and mapped the new FPGA design to an Altera Cyclone V GX device. In addition to the Wishbone masters, a sophisticated DMA engine, which takes care of the higher-bandwdith data transfers, was developed. On the embedded software side, the low-level SPI driver was replaced by a tailored PCIe driver, emulating the same behavior.

This development provides our customer with a smooth transition to the latest FPGA technology and delivers the performance required for their next-generation systems.

Employed Technologies

Altera® Cyclone V® | PCI Express (PCIe) | Wishbone | DMA | VHDL

Involved Enclustra Services

FPGA System Design | FPGA HDL | Embedded Software