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System Design

Enclustra is the ideal partner when it comes to designing an FPGA/SoC-based system from scratch or optimizing an existing concept thanks to our 200+ engineering-years of extensive expertise in FPGA/SoC technology.

Due to a clever system design, the close interaction between embedded software, processing system and highly-parallel, real-time-enabled FPGA logic enables extremely powerful systems to be created that are still very easy to maintain and port and are available over the long term. However, this requires an accurate analysis of the individual system tasks and an effective partitioning of the system between the system components and external hardware.

Application Areas

Enclustra has successfully completed customer projects in the following application areas:

  • Embedded computing (SoC systems using ARM® or soft processors)
  • Digital signal processing (processing, filtering, modulation, demodulation, FFT, etc.)
  • Software defined radio (SDR) / mobile communications
  • Network technology (Ethernet MACs and PHYs, packet switching/routing, etc.)
  • Ethernet based field busses (Profinet RT/IRT)
  • Reliable data transmission on data link layer (link-to-link retransmission, forward error correction)
  • Drive / motion control (DC, BLDC and stepper motors, field oriented control, space vector PWM)
  • Image acquisition, processing and display (Camera Link, MIPI CSI-2, pattern recognition, video controllers, DVI, HDMI, etc.)
  • Automated test and measurement equipment (high-speed data acquisition, signal processing, custom ASIC test systems)