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Universal Drive Controller

Universal Drive IP Core

Universal Drive Controller IP Core

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Starting from EUR 7'500 / USD 7'900 / CHF 8'300


The Enclustra Universal Drive Controller IP Core is not only a motor controller for DC, brushless and stepper motors, it’s a full motion control solution featuring position control and a trajectory planner. Further, there is no need for an extra drive controller chip that would consume precious PCB space and unnecessarily extend the project BOM. Selecting Enclustra’s Universal Drive Controller IP Core for the motor control needs of future projects will significantly reduce time to market as well as the overall system cost.



  • Evaluation Kit available
  • Support for DC motors, Brushless motors and stepper motors/li>
  • Support for encoderss
  • Field oriented control (FOC) for BLDC motors
  • Completely autonomous error handling
  • Optimized for lowest total
    solution cost
  • Support for ADC-sharing between different devices
Enclustra Design Services


  • Significantly lower CPU load due to completely autonomous control loops
  • Single-chip solution (fieldbus access, CPU and drive controller on the same chip)
  • Easy integration, lowest solution cost
  • Plenty of parallel processing power, zero jitter
  • Well defined interfaces for customization
  • Great reusability due to configurable controller structure


  • Up to 8 drives per controller
  • Up to 4 PID controllers per drive (position, velocity, current(s)) at up to 200kHz control rate
  • Velocity- and acceleration-feed-forward
  • Position control and trajectory planner
  • Microstepping for stepper motors
  • Voltage, current and temperature supervision
  • Separate PWM clock domain for high-resolution PWM
  • Vendor-independent implementation
  • Industry Standard AXI-4 interface
  • Fully integrated with vendor tools (Quartus/QSYS, Vivado/IPI)


Universal Drive Controller IP Core Architecture

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Evaluation Kit

Universal Drive Controller IP Core

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The Universal Drive Controller Evaluation Kit provides a full featured design platform to build motion control applications. The kit provides an out-of-the box hardware platform with reference design, to reduce development time and allow you to focus on your target application. The kit is comprised of1:

1: 24V DC power supply required. Functional testing of the FMC-DR2 card is limited to the Drive Evaluation Kit.
2: Included only once per site and year

Product Selection Matrix

Product Code Description
EN-DRV-BASE* Base license, 2 channels
EN-DRV-OPT-XIL Xilinx FPGA support
EN-DRV-OPT-ALT Intel FPGA support
EN-DRV-OPT-DC DC device unit
EN-DRV-OPT-BLDC Brushless DC device unit
EN-DRV-OPT-SM2 2-phase stepper motor device unit
EN-DRV-OPT-SM3 3-phase stepper motor device unit
EN-DRV-OPT-CH8 8 channel support
EN-DRV-OPT-MADC Multi-ADC interface (AD7266)

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*The base package requires at least one of the Xilinx/Intel as well as one device unit options.


  • Universal Drive IP Core
    • VHDL source files (plain or encrypted, depending on product options)
    • Reference design
    • User manual
  • Universal Drive API
    • C source code
    • Application software example
    • User manual

Site License Model

  • The license is granted to an "authorized site", meaning a single geographical location with radius < 5 km in which the licensee conducts business.
  • The licensed material can be used for unlimited projects and/or end products developed at the authorized site.

Target Applications

  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Semiconductor handling
  • Automotive

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