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Your FPGA specialist in Germany

Combine a SOM from Enclustra with a custom-specific base board from hema

The experts for FPGA and embedded vision applications

Enclustra and the Aalen/Germany based hema electronic GmbH offer their combined know-how and experience to their customers. The competencies of both companies in the field of FPGA are now available even more extensively and directly from within Germany. By integrating the Enclustra's off-the-shelf System-on-Modules into customer-specific solutions, hema is expanding its range of services.

The jointly developed technology platform for FPGA-based embedded vision systems has already been successfully used in several customer projects. Building on this, the sales and services for customers were expanded with the new sales office in Aalen, Southern Germany.

Advantages for the customers:

  • Fast entry into the FPGA technology
  • Making complexity manageable
  • Fast project implementation
  • Customer and project consulting on site

What we offer

hema is offering the wide range of products of Enclustra in the field of standardised FPGA and SoC modules.

The Swabian specialist for embedded vision, hema electronic, has been offering the development of customer-specific baseboards based on Enclustra's wide range of modern system-on-modules for a long time, for example for video data processing, optical inspection tasks or rapid prototyping.

Shorten development time

Modular concepts, building block systems and platform technologies offer better development processes and ultimately more successful products.

System-on-Modules offer a wide range of solutions for the development of FPGA-based electronic systems. The decisive factor is the fast entry into the test and programming phase and thus the reduction of the overall project time:

  • Quick test of the technology
  • Programming platform for software
  • Short project implementation time

We are happy to support you and bring you together with the appropriate contact persons from our companies.

Get in touch with us for your

  • embedded vision development project
  • need for development management around drive technology, communication and aerospace
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hema electronic
Tel. +49 7361 9495-16
E-mail: sales@hema.de
Website: Custom base boards from hema and off-the-shelf System-on-Module from Enclustra