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Saturn SX1 in stock again!

Apr 27, 2010

In consequence of the great demand for Saturn SX1 FPGA modules and the supply bottleneck of the semiconductor vendors, long lead times for the Saturn SX1 modules had to be expected.

The situation has significantly defused and the Saturn SX1 FPGA modules are in stock again.

MegaLink publishes an article about Enclustra's drive control products!

Mar 01, 2010

MegaLink, the swiss professional journal on automation and electronics, on the occasion of easyFairs Automation 2010 reports about Enclustra's Mars MX1 FPGA module and the new Universal Drive Controller IP core. more

Slides of the "Full Linux on FPGA" talk online!

Aug 26, 2009

The slides of the talk on Linux on FPGA held by us at the Embedded Computing Conference 2009 and at the Embedded World 2009 are now available for download in the Publications section.

Enclustra at go.automation09!

Aug 18, 2009

System on a Programmable Chip (SoPC), Full Linux on FPGA, Drive Control, TFT Touch Screen, CAN, Etherenet und USB 2.0 are only a few topics that makes FPGAs interesting in automation. Visit us at booth E76 in hall 2 and let us amaze you at the versatile possibilities of FPGAs in automation!

Enclustra announces two new Apollo expansion cards for video and motion control applications!

May 25, 2009

With the Apollo CV2 expansion card the Saturn/Apollo rapid prototyping system now has HDMI interfaces at its disposal. Furthermore, the Apollo CV2 expansion card supports Camera Link in base, medium and full configuration. The HDMI and Camera Link interfaces may be used as data source or as data sink. more

The Apollo DR1 expansion card enables prototypes for motion control applications to be built rapidly with the Saturn/Apollo rapid prototyping system. Speed and position control of DC and EC motors as well as stepper motor control are possible applications. In addition, a variety of sensors and actors may be connected to the Apollo DR1 expansion card. more

These two new expansion cards will be available in July 2009.

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