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Mercury XU5: Get the User Schematics now

Jul 16, 2018
mercury xu5

The bring-up of Enclustra's new kid in town – the Mercury XU5, that is based on the the Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale™+ MPSoC – has been succesfully finished. That's the time for Enclustra to release the User Schematic and you to start the design-in. Besides the User Schematics also the footprint as well as the 3D model (STEP) are available now.

Feel free to send any technical questions or your purchase orders directly to our sales department.

FPGA & SoC modules – the concept is catching on

Jul 11, 2018
enclustra fpga soc modules

Enclustra is a pioneer of FPGA & SoC-based modules. It is almost 10 years since the Swiss company presented its first module based on an Xilinx® Spartan® 3 FPGA. Enclustra’s portfolio has now grown to include 19 FPGA families with two form factors, with the company recording double-digit sales growth every year. This clearly demonstrates that the module concept that has long been established for CPUs is tried and tested with FPGAs. What’s more, this technology has long since proven that it can function in the field in terms of long-term availability, as Spartan 3 modules continue to be successfully installed in products more than nine years after their launch.

Meet us at Sindex 2018 in Berne/Switzerland

Jul 09, 2018
Enclustra at Embedded World 2018

From the 28th to the 30st of August 2018, you can meet FPGA specialist Enclustra at Sindex, Switzerland's leading technology exhibition. More than 350 exhibitors will present the latest trends and technologies in the areas of electronics, automation and electrical engineering. Enclustra will be there as part of the special exhibition «Electronic City» in Hall 2.2, Stand B10.

We'll be demonstrating the enormous processing power and flexibility of FPGA technology, whilst providing insight into customer-developed projects. Our ever-expanding portfolio of FPGA and SoC modules and other products will also be on display.

We look forward to meeting you!

PCIe now even easier to use with FPGA Manager

Jul 03, 2018
mars ma3

The FPGA Manager PCIe communication solution is even more flexible now. The FPGA Manager IP core now connects to the PCIe hard macro from Xilinx and Intel in the user design, thus making its configuration by the user much easier. This also simplifies and speeds up the porting of an application onto another FPGA or host.

In all other aspects, everything remains the same: the FPGA Manager IP Solution from Enclustra makes it easier than ever to write configuration data, export measurement data and stream video data. Besides PCIe, the solution also features Ethernet and USB interfaces. Experience the solution first-hand with the FPGA Manager Evaluation Kit.

How to connect a high level programming language to an FPGA

Jun 28, 2018
mars ma3

Our FPGA/SoC Development Engineer Matthias Frei held a speech at the FPGA Kongress in Munich on the Universal connection between an FPGA and a high-level programming language. In the speech he breaks down the reasons, requirements and challenges when linking an FPGA to a high-level language. Additionally, he explains why a standard solution makes sense and what the FPGA Manager IP Solution is.

If you missed the speech, go visit Enclustra’s Publication & Talks site and read more about it: Publications

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