FPGA Manager Ethernet

FPGA Manager Gigabit Ethernet

FPGA Manager Ethernet

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Starting from EUR 15'100 / USD 16'000 / CHF 16'800


Enclustra’s FPGA Manager Ethernet solution allows for easy and efficient data transfer between a host and a FPGA over an Ethernet interface.

The solution includes a host software library (a Windows DLL or Linux static library), and a suitable IP core for the FPGA. The user host application can communicate with the FPGA through a simple API consisting of simple read/write data commands hiding the complexity of the underlying protocols. Both streaming and memory-mapped access are supported.



  • High-throughput, plug & play Ethernet interface
  • Up to 120 MByte/sec data transfer rate
  • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Supports C, C++ and C# user applications
  • No recurring license fees
  • Vendor-independent
Enclustra Design Services


  • Complete and easy to use solution for communication between FPGA and host
  • No need for dealing with complexity of underlying protocols
  • Evaluation kits and reference design available
  • Highly configurable


  • Streaming data transfer between FPGA and host
  • Memory-mapped access to
    FPGA AXI or Avalon bus
  • Up to 16 independent bidirectional data channels
  • Easy firmware Flash update capability
  • Tri-speed Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbit/sec)
  • Includes a full license of the UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core


  • FPGA Manager Ethernet IP Core
    • VHDL source files (plain or encrypted, depending on product options)
    • Reference design
    • User manual
  • FPGA Manager Ethernet IP Core Reference Design
    • Reference design top-level VHDL file (plain VHDL)
    • UCF / XDC / SDC constraint files (depending on product options)
    • Xilinx® ISE / Xilinx Vivado™ / Intel® Quartus® project files (depending on product options)
    • Top-level simulation test bench file (plain VHDL)
    • Top-level simulation ModelSim project file
    • Documentation
  • Enclustra Ethernet Host Library
    • Binary DLL
    • API header files
    • API User Manual

Site License Model

  • The license is granted to an "authorized site", meaning a single geographical location with radius < 5 km in which the licensee conducts business.
  • The licensed material can be used for unlimited projects and/or end products developed at the authorized site.

Reference Design

FPGA Manager Ethernet Reference Design

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FPGA Manager Evaluation Kit

FPGA Manager IP Solution

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The FPGA Manager Evaluation Kit provides a full featured design platform to build communication centric applications for PCIe, Ethernet and USB 3.0. The kit provides an out-of-the box hardware platform with reference design to both speed your development time and enhance your productivity. It contains following components:
  • FPGA Manager IP Solution, Evaluation License
    • Runs on Windows
    • Supports up to 2 streams
    • Supports PCIe, Ethernet and USB 3.0
    • Encrypted VHDL
    • 1 hour time bomb
  • Reference design
  • Xilinx Kintex-7 based Mercury KX1 FPGA module (ME-KX1-160-2I-D10)
  • Mercury+ PE1-200 (ME-PE1-200-C) base board
  • Power supply
  • 2 hours support included1
  • Price: EUR 1300 / USD 1500 / CHF 1400

1: Included only once per Site and Year.

Product Selection Matrix

Product Code Description
EN-MGR-BASE1 Base license, 2 streaming channels
EN-MGR-OPT-XIL Xilinx FPGA support
EN-MGR-OPT-ALT Intel FPGA support
EN-MGR-OPT-ETH1G2 Trispeed ethernet support
EN-MGR-OPT-WIN Windows Support (C/C++/.NET) (PCIe/Ethernet/USB)
EN-MGR-OPT-LIN Linux Support (C/C++) (PCIe/Ethernet)
EN-MGR-OPT-ADV Advanced features: 16 channels, multi-width and more

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1: The base package requires at least one of the Xilinx/Intel as well as one device unit options.
2: Requires an additional UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core.

Target Applications

  • Test & Measurement
  • Image Processing
  • Smart Cameras
  • Software Defined Radio

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