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Apr 08, 2015

As you may have noticed, enclustra.com was offline for unscheduled maintenance for parts of yesterday and this morning - we're back up and running now. Thanks for your patience - we're sorry for the inconvenience, and invite you round to Enclustra HQ for a hot beverage of your choice (we are, however, currently out of chai).

As always, if there's anything we can help you with, drop us a line.

PLC2 am 16. Juni 2015: Mit FPGA-Modulen von der Entwicklung bis zur Serienfertigung

Mar 31, 2015

Mit FPGA-Modulen von der Entwicklung bis zur Serienfertigung

Enclustra wird am 16. Juni 2015 an den ALL PROGRAMMABLE PLC2 Days einen spannenden Vortrag halten, der die zahlreichen Vorteile von Standard FPGA-Modulen aufzeigt, wie kürzere Time-to-Market, grössere Design-Flexibilität spät im Entwicklungsprozess, Skalierbarkeit oder eine hohe Zukunftssicherheit. Werfen Sie einen Blick in das spannende Tagesprogramm: PLC2 Konferenzprogramm

Club Vivado: Successful development of IP cores for Vivado IP Integrator

Nov 17, 2014

Successful development of IP cores for Vivado™ IP Integrator

Enclustra was invited to the Xilinx Club Vivado Users Group event in Stuttgart and was asked to give a presentation related to Vivado. What was the presentation all about? Have a look here: Successful Development of IP Cores for Vivado™ IP Integrator

Presentation: MATLAB® and Simulink® in the FPGA design process

Oct 29, 2014

MATLAB® and Simulink® in the FPGA design process

Enclustra and MathWorks held an exclusive Seminar in Zurich: Simplify Software and Hardware Co-Design with MATLAB. Enclustra and MathWorks engineers illustrated how algorithms can be easily prototyped and then implemented on FPGAs, ASICs, MCUs, DSPs and SoCs (Xilinx Zynq, Altera SoC), simplifying and accelerating the implementation of your applications. Did you miss the event? Download the Enclustra presentation here: MATLAB® and Simulink® in the FPGA design process

More cost-effective Mars AX3 modules in production

Jul 28, 2014

Enclustra Mars AX3 Xilinx Artix Module

The Mars AX3 FPGA module family has gained some little brothers - the compact Mars AX3 is now available with XC7A100T, XC7A50T and XC7A35T Xilinx Artix FPGAs. These variants, which offer from over 100,000 logic cells down to 33,000, mean that a module can be chosen according to the processing power required - thus optimising costs. more

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