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Meet us at ESC Silicon Valley

Jul 08, 2015

Embedded Systems Conference

We're excited to announce that we're showcasing our latest FPGA Modules, FPGA-optimized IP cores and development services at the Embedded Systems Conference '15 in Santa Clara, CA from the 21th to the 22nd of July in the Demo Hall. The Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) is the industry's largest, most comprehensive technical conference for embedded systems professionals in the U.S.; join over 2,500 technical professionals and embedded systems hardware, software, and firmware developers to learn about the latest techniques and technology for reducing time, cost, and complexity in the embedded development process.

Drop by to see new embedded tricks, enthralling feats of coding, and learn what the embedded masters have up their sleeve in the Demo Hall. Gather new methods and techniques from the experts in the Demo Hall during their free education workshops.

Send us an email if you'd like to join us as a VIP guest, and enjoy 15% off the Conference Pass, as well as a complimentary Demo Pass, a saving of $75.

We look forward to welcoming you in Santa Clara.

Now rolling off the production line: the Mercury™ ZX1

Jun 26, 2015

Enclustra Mercury SA2 Altera Cyclone V SoC module

The new Mercury ZX1 is the most powerful Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC-based module in our pack, and it's starting to gather a bit of a following due to its computational muscle. With Kintex-technology FPGAs in the 7030, 7035 and 7045 sizes combined with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, the ZX1 packs enough punch to handle the most very demanding of applications. A new production run is currently purring along.

Have a look here: Mercury ZX1

Mercury + even more I/Os = Mercury+ SA2

Jun 15, 2015

Enclustra Mercury SA2 Altera Cyclone V SoC module

The new Mercury+ SA2 is for when you really need a lot of I/Os. It's our first module in the new Mercury+ form-factor, which adds a third 168-pin Hirose FX10 connector to the standard two found on Mercury modules. This doesn't come at the cost of increased size, though - the module is still a petite 74 × 54 mm. In terms of on-board computing power, the SA2 is equipped with an Altera® Cyclone® V SoC, with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and FPGA fabric; to interface with these there are 258 I/Os, as well as 9 MGTs. Up to 2 GBytes of DDR3L SDRAM, 64 MBytes of quad SPI flash cater for memory needs, while interfaces on offer are PCIe® Gen1/Gen2 ×4, Gigabit Ethernet, 2 × Fast Ethernet, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. In short: there's a lot on there.

Have a look here: Mercury+ SA2

New product roadmaps online

May 13, 2015

Our new product selection guide and roadmaps are now online - these provide an overview of all of our modules and their respective features, allowing you to easily find what fits best for your application. You can also cast a glance over the specs for our up-and-coming Xilinx UltraScale+™ modules. Click through via the links below to take a look:

Mercury Starter Base Board discontinued

May 11, 2015

The Mercury Starter base board product line is being discontinued; seeing as it doesn’t support all features of the newest Mercury SoC modules (namely, booting from SD card and UART), the Mercury Starter has been superceded by the Mercury PE1, which provides a more flexible base for Mercury systems, as well as offering many other features in itself.

More information can be found in the Product Change Notification. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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