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Continuous Integration Retrofit


Our FPGA design specialists started off with working themselves through the current FPGA design and writing a thorough documentation, covering all aspects of the design in detail. This was done in close collaboration with the customer's FPGA, hardware and software developers. While digging into the design, all findings that could result in improvements of functionality, reliability, testability, maintainability, etc. were noted and afterwards discussed with the customer's development team.

The next step will be to build up a regression test infrastructure, consisting of self-checking unit test benches as well as a self-checking top-level test bench and to tie these building blocks into a continuous integration environment, which makes the current state of the design available at virtually all times and allows to verify future modifications quickly and comprehensively. Thorough documentation, regression tests and continuous integration make the design much more maintainable and reduce the dependency of know-how associated with individual developers significantly. This particular FPGA design will be very well prepared for the challenges to come.

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