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Mercury XU5: the cost-effective UltraScale+ SoC module

Aug 27, 2020
enclustra fpga soc modules som design services
The Mercury XU5 module is based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC and has a memory bandwidth of up to 24 GByte/sec.

The Mercury XU5 SoC module from Enclustra is an extremely powerful and cost-effective all-rounder. Based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, it features 6 ARM cores, a Mali 400MP2 GPU (EG/EV variants), up to 10 GByte of extremely fast DDR4 SDRAM, numerous standard interfaces, 178 user I/Os and up to 256,000 LUT4 equivalents.

The FPGA Board, with dimensions of just 56 × 54 mm, has 16 GByte eMMC flash memory as well as various standard interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, a display port, SATA and SGMII. Both the processing system and the FPGA matrix boast four PCIe Gen2/3 connections.

A System-on-Module (SOM) like the Mercury XU5 helps to reduce time-to-market and development risks. SOMs offer many advantages over chip-down designs. The high production quantity of off-the-shelf FPGA or SoC modules reduce their cost and at the same time provides a proven and reliable solution. Since different pin-compatible modules are available in the same form factor, a product can be easily equipped with a more powerful module if needed.

Thanks to the high functional density of the FPGA modules, the complexity of the base board is reduced, making it faster and less expensive to develop and produce. In combination with the Mercury+ ST1 or Mercury+ PE1 base boards, the Mercury XU5 constitutes a powerful development and prototyping platform that helps to reduce time-to-market by up to 12 month. Get all the details: More info >

Start your FPGA project today

Aug 18, 2020
enclustra fpga soc modules som design services
The unique combination of design services and FPGA & SoC Modules from Enclustra shorten time-to-market significantly.

To shorten time-to-market and reduce development costs, it is essential for a company to concentrate on its core competencies and know-how. No one can afford to waste precious time reinventing the wheel or debugging the integration of an IP Core that doesn’t work as expected.

That’s exactly where Enclustra can help to accelerate and smoothen the development process. Enclustra develops and sells it’s own off-the-shelf FPGA/SoC modules and IP Solutions and offers development services to customers – since more than 15 Years.

Enclustra always seeks the ideal solutions at minimal expense. If beneficial, we use an FPGA- or SoC-Module as well as IP Cores – also from third parties. This helps to shorten development time and free up engineering capacity to solve the application-specific challenges.

Send us your specification and get your free quotation within a couple of days:

Let your vision system come true

Aug 06, 2020
nicola kroner
Nicolai Kroner is our new sales engineer for Germany

Are you looking for an optimal solution for your FPGA-based vision system? Then get in contact with Nicolai Kroner, our new sales engineer in Germany. Thanks to the combination of a standard System on Module (SOM) from Enclustra with the long-standing vision and baseboard know-how from hema electronic we are able to develop vision systems in the shortest amount of time.

Modular concepts, building block systems and platform technologies offer better development processes and ultimately more successful products.

We are looking forward to supporting you: Get in Contact

Jump-Start Your AI-Based FPGA Application

Jul 20, 2020
mars xu3 AI

Artificial Intelligence is conquering more and more applications and areas of life: image detection and classification, translation and recommendation systems, to name just a few. The volume of applications being built on Machine Learning technology is large and growing.

By utilizing a standard System on Module (SOM) like the Enclustra Mars XU3, that combines an FPGA with an ARM Processor, it has never been so easy to utilize the power of AI offline and on the edge. Find out how to Jump-Start Your AI-Based FPGA Application.

Say hello to the Mercury+ ST1 Base Board

Jun 19, 2020
mercury+ st1

Our newest base board just dropped off the production line: Say hello to the Mercury+ ST1. It's optimized for all video applications and the perfect fit for our Mercury System-on-Modules, e.g. the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC based Mercury+ XU9 (ZU4CG, ZU5EV, ZU7EV) or the Mercury+ XU7 (ZU6EG, ZU9EG, ZU15EG).

It offers a wide range of I/O interfaces for video applications. Be it MIPI, HDMI or Mini DisplayPort: The Mercury+ ST1 offers them all – as well as a lot of other standard interfaces like Ethernet, USB 3.0 and SFP+ and FMC HPC connectors.

The Mercury+ ST1 base board is compatible with all Mercury/Mercury+ FPGA & SoC modules and is equally suited for prototyping and series production. Build your FPGA system in minutes and start taking advantage of the powerful FPGA technology!

The base board will be available soon: Mercury+ ST1

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