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Drive controller IP with high-accuracy speed estimation

Nov 18, 2013

Modern high-end motion control systems require accurate reporting of position, velocity and current values; rather than an expensive velocity sensor, our Advanced Velocity Estimator IP core utilizes the vast processing power and temporal resolution capability of today’s FPGAs to estimate the actual velocity for each incoming encoder pulse.

The rise of off-the-shelf Zynq-based boards

Jul 26, 2013

When we released the Mars ZX3 SoC module earlier this year, it was the first commercially available Xilinx Zynq-based off-the-shelf board; Max Maxfield, editor in chief of All Programmable Planet and editor of EE Times' Programmable Logic DesignLine, has cannily noted this in a recent blog post, The Rise of Off-the-Shelf Zynq-based Boards. Click through for an interesting read.

Video: Mars ZX3 Android demo

Jun 05, 2013

A video demo of the Mars ZX3 module running Android is now online!

The Mars ZX3 SoC module is equipped with a powerful, Xilinx® Zynq®-7020 All Programmable SoC device, making it an excellent hardware platform for embedded operating systems such as Android, Linux, VxWorks and eCos - see Android in action on the Mars ZX3 page.

Mars ZX3 modules now in production

Apr 01, 2013

Mars ZX3 modules with production FPGAs are now in production! Modules with both commercial and industrial temperature grades are expected to be available in May; orders are now being accepted.

Enclustra announces Linux, eCos, Android and VxWorks on the Mars ZX3 SoC module

Feb 20, 2013
In the build up to Embedded World 2013 in Nuremberg, Enclustra announces Linux, eCos, Android and VxWorks operating system support on the Mars ZX3 SoC module. Read the full press release here.

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