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Even as embedded SoC processors take on increasingly more functionality in FPGA-based systems, the importance of efficiently-designed, well-written HDL code remains as important as ever, due to the raw processing power and parallelism offered by FPGAs.

Here at Enclustra, we have a creative, well-educated engineering team with many years of FPGA design experience. Furthermore, our experience is backed up by a wide-ranging in-house HDL library, whose components have already been employed and tested many times over, in diverse projects. Put together, these allow us to deliver FPGA solutions, optimized to your requirements, in the shortest development time possible.

FPGAs and SoCs

Enclustra has successfully employed the following FPGA, SoC and CPLD devices in customer projects:

  • Intel®
    • Arria 10® I | Stratix® I | Cyclone® V | Cyclone® V SoC | Cyclone® IV | Cyclone® III
    • MAX® V | MAX® II
  • Lattice Semiconductors
    • ECP2 | XP2 | MACHXO2 | MACHXO | iCE40
  • Microsemi®
    • PolarFire FPGA | ProASIC®3
  • Xilinx®
    • Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoC | Versal 
    • Zynq®-7000 | Kintex®-7 | Artix®-7 | Virtex®-6 | Virtex-5 | Virtex-4
    • Spartan®-6 | Spartan-3A DSP | Spartan-3E | Spartan-3
    • CoolRunner II | XC9500XL

Hardware Description Languages

At Enclustra we use VHDL as our main hardware description language and we are also very familiar with Verilog. In addition to that, we have gained experience in porting legacy designs implemented in ABEL and AHDL to current FPGA/CPLD devices using VHDL.

Development Tools

Enclustra regularly uses the following development tools:

  • Design modelling
    • MathWorks® Matlab® | MathWorks Simulink®
    • Xilinx System Generator for DSP
  • Design entry:
    • VHDL | Verilog
    • Intel Platform Designer
    • Lattice Semiconductor Mico32 SDT
    • Xilinx EDK | Xilinx Vivado® IP Integrator
  • Verification:
    • Mentor Graphics ModelSim® PE (VHDL | Verilog | Code Coverage)
    • Mentor Graphics QuestaSim
  • Synthesis, place and route, static timing analysis:
    • Intel Quartus II | Lattice Diamond | Lattice iceCube2 | Microsemi Libero
    • Xilinx ISE | Xilinx Vivado | Xilinx Vitis | Xilinx HLS