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Sample Customer Projects

Real-Time Simulation and Testing of Complex Power Electronics Applications

Plexim’s PLECS circuit simulator has established itself as the de facto standard for modeling and simulating complex electrical systems in academia and the industry. With the RT Boxes, power electronics engineers can easily convert offline models, designed using the PLECS circuit simulator, into online real-time simulations, complete with analog and digital I/Os. more

Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Systems to Validate Automotive ECUs

Germany-based MicroNova develops hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) test systems for electronic control units (ECUs) under the NovaCarts brand. These test systems accelerate the testing and validation of up to 100 ECUs that control modern luxury vehicles by creating a virtual replica of the vehicle and its environment. more

Creating 3D City Maps

The Leica CityMapper-2 generates 3D maps of cities in one run. Mounted on a plain, six 150 MP cameras and a LiDAR synchronized with the lowest possible jitter take an image every 0.9 seconds. The sytem is build around the Enclustra Mercury+ XU8 SOM and the FPGA Manager PCIe IP Solution. more

Spectrum Analyzer

Enclustra implemented the complete real-time signal processing path for a spectrum analyzer. The project includes elaborate filtering, down-conversion, fourier-transform and analysis of important properties of the resulting signal. As an additional feature, signals can be demodulated in real-time. more

Neural network running on industrial standard SOM

Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning in the form of Deep Learning have proven to be able to solve complex computer vision problems efficiently. This includes image classification, object detection, segmentation and many other applications. more

Future-proof thanks to a modular Approach

The modular approach taken by Enclustra in its FPGA and SoC modules demonstrated its advantages two-fold in a customer project – firstly, through an extremely short development time, and secondly, through the development of an application-specific base board that can also be used by the customer in future projects. more

Zynq UltraScale+ Data Logger with 800 MByte/sec Bandwidth

Test and measurement systems usually need to store a large number of measured values with high bandwidth and without interruptions. Thanks to the use of a standard SOM and Linux, a data logger using Ext4 as file system with 800 Mbyte/sec bandwidth could be implemented within a very short time. more

Continuous Integration Retrofit

A potential customer got in contact with us because they had developed an FPGA design, which was already productive in their system, but was lacking proper documentation and test infrastructure. As a part of their plan to make their system's key components fit for the future, they decided to hire us to take care of the FPGA part. more

Zynq UltraScale+ Drone Controller

The official term is unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), apparently, which is a bit of a mouthful, so we prefer to say drone. In any case, we developed a controller for a UAV (drone) for a customer using a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ SoC, whose CPUs implement the position control as well as tracking of the flight trajectory. more

Agile RF Source for Trapped Ion Experiments

The Xilinx Spartan-6 based RF source provides multiple DDS channels for modulating the frequency, phase and amplitude of laser light used in the experiments. more

PCI Express to Wishbone Bridge

We were asked to migrate the SPI slave interfaces of an existing FPGA design to PCIe interfaces providing massively more bandwidth, while maintaining the FPGA-internal Wishbone communication infrastructure and as much as possible of the embedded software controlling the SPI masters. more

FPGA to satellite: please respond!

A reliable data connection between satellite and ground station is essential to the success of any successful satellite mission - to this end, we recently implemented a system for a customer based on our Mercury KX1 module and using FPGA Manager PCI Expressmore

The FPGA is the PHY

We recently developed an FPGA-based 10/100/1000BASE-FX Ethernet PHY for one of our customers, as part of a fibre optic Ethernet link. more

CPLD replaces discontinued IC

What do you do when a chip you're using is discontinued and you don't want to change your PCB layout? This tricky question is one that one of our customers came to us with, for a keypad encoder system. more

Signal Generator Afterburner

For a measurement device producer, we developed an extremely flexible signal generator during a previous project. After seeing the power and possibilities offered by FPGA technology, the customer came to us with further ideas to make the generator even more adaptable. more

Perspective through Stereo

What was once only possible in crime series will soon be reality (get your CSI Miami one-liners at the ready): 3D scans of forensic evidence found at crime scenes, recording minute details to be later analysed from all angles. more

Five Cameras with one FPGA

The task was to develop a video frame buffer which simultaneously acquires pictures from five cameras and stores them in the memory of an ARM Cortex-A9 processor. more