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UDP/IP Ethernet

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Get Gigabit Ethernet up and running the easy way.

UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core

UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core

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Starting from EUR 7'700 / USD 8'200 / CHF 8'600


Enclustra's UDP/IP Ethernet IP core is optimized for Intel (Altera) and Xilinx FPGAs and easily enables FPGA-based subsystems to communicate with other subsystems via Ethernet, using the UDP protocol. The IP core is highly configurable and optimally implemented for the use in current Intel® and Xilinx® FPGA architectures. It provides a simple to use interface to the user logic, and supports the common media independent interfaces MII, RMII, GMII and RGMII. With its 8-bit wide transmit and receive interfaces running at 125 MHz, the IP core is able to operate at full 1 Gbit/sec wire speed. 100 Mbit/sec and 10 Mbit/sec operation is also supported.



  • Operates at full 1Gbit/sec wire speed
  • Complete UDP, IPv4 and Ethernet layer processing
  • Automatic ARP reply generation
  • Header pass-through mode:
    • Selectively override default UDP/IP/ETH header field values with values embedded in the transmit data stream
    • Selectively embed UDP/IP/ETH header field values in the receive data stream for easy delivery to the user application
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  • Standard UDP communication with FPGA-based systems
  • Full 1 Gbit/sec wire speed can be achieved
  • Low FPGA resource usage


  • 1 Gbit/sec, 100 Mbit/sec and 10 Mbit/sec operation
  • MII, RMII, GMII and RGMII media independent interfaces (full-duplex only)
  • Destination UDP port, destination IP address and destination MAC address filtering
  • UDP checksum calculation and check
  • Ethernet frame check
  • Multiple UDP ports with dedicated receive and transmit interfaces for each port
  • Optional receive data buffers
  • Raw Ethernet port for non-UDP communication


UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core Architecture

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Evaluation Kit

UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core

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The UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core Evaluation Kit provides a full featured design platform to build communication centric applications for Ethernet. The kit provides an out-of-the box hardware platform with reference design, to reduce development time and allow you to focus on your target application. The kit is comprised of:
  • UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core, Evaluation License
    • Encrypted VHDL
    • 1-hour time bomb
  • Mars AX3 FPGA module (MA-AX3-35-1I-D8)
  • Mars ST3 base board (MA-ST3)
  • Reference design
  • Two hours of support included1
  • Price: EUR 430 / USD 490 / CHF 450

1: Included only once per site and year

Product Selection Matrix

Product Code Description
EN-UDP-IP-ETH-OPT-ETH1G Ethernet Trispeed 10/100/1000 Mbps
EN-UDP-IP-ETH-OPT-MII MII interface (10/100 Mbps)
EN-UDP-IP-ETH-OPT-RMII RMII interface (10/100 Mbps)
EN-UDP-IP-ETH-OPT-GMII GMII interface (10/100/1000 Mbps)
EN-UDP-IP-ETH-OPT-RGMII RGMII interface (10/100/1000 Mbps)

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1: The base package requires at least one of the Xilinx/Intel, one device unit as well as an interface option.


  • UDP/IP Ethernet IP Core
    • VHDL source files (plain or encrypted, depending on product options)
    • Reference design
    • User manual
  • UDP/IP Ethernet IP core reference design
    • Reference design top-level VHDL file (plain VHDL)
    • UCF / XDC / SDC constraint files (depending on product options)
    • Xilinx® ISE / Xilinx Vivado™ / Intel® Quartus® project files (depending on product options)
    • Top-level simulation test bench file (plain VHDL)
    • Top-level simulation ModelSim project file
    • Documentation

Site License Model

  • The license is granted to an "authorized site", meaning a single geographical location with radius < 5 km in which the licensee conducts business.
  • The licensed material can be used for unlimited projects and/or end products developed at the authorized site.

Target Applications

  • Test and measurement
  • Communication
  • Automation
  • Embedded processing
  • Medical diagnostics

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