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Development & Design Services

Enclustra Development and Design Services

Our engineering team supports you in all areas of FPGA-based system development, from high-speed hardware and HDL firmware through to embedded software, and from specification and implementation through to prototype production.

We always adapt our offerings to fit the customers' needs. Be it consulting, tailored trainings, verification or troubleshooting: we have you covered.

We deploy cutting-edge solutions and have established development service partnerships with industry leaders such as AMD Xilinx, Intel, Microchip, and Lattice. This close collaboration enables us to be forward-thinking in our design processes and stay at the forefront of the latest FPGA technology advancements. We know all major FPGA architectures and their development tools: be it AMD Xilinx, Intel, Microchip, or Lattice.

«Enclustra has shown great expertise and professionalism in a project that focused on porting and extending a legacy design. We would be happy to continue the collaboration with the Enclustra design services team in future projects.»

Dr. M. Braun
Project Manger PDAnalytik Jena GmbH

«Enclustra has been supporting us in digital ASIC design activities for several years now. We appreciate their flexibility and reliability in providing us with the required engineering expertise whenever we need it and we look forward to further collaborating with them.»

Roman Furrer
Head of Development Department Motor/ASICBelimo Automation AG

«Enclustra greatly helped us to develop our first generation of digital jammers for neutralizing mobile phones. Their knowledge and skills in FPGA-based digital signal processing enabled us to shorten time to R&D and market. We will be happy to work together for our upcoming projects.»

Etienne Schaeffer
Engineering & Innovation ManagerKEAS | Member of the Telio Group

«Enclustra was significantly involved in the development of our first generation of digital multi-band repeaters for mobile radio applications. Their expertise in FPGA-based digital signal processing and their willingness to share their knowledge greatly helped us to shorten time to market, reduce development risk and climbing the steep learning curve of FPGA-based system development.»

Pascal Schwab
Head of DevelopmentComlab AG

«One of the main parts in the digital signal processing path of Narda’s Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer SignalShark has been developed and implemented by Enclustra. We appreciated Enclustra's professional approach, thorough documentation and deep understanding of signal processing algorithms as well as FPGA technology.»

Eduard Staller
Director R&DNarda Safety Test Solutions GmbH

«Enclustra provided us with a turnkey development of a special checkout equipment (SCOE) for intra-satellite communication testing in the context of the SARah satellite mission. Their full-stack expertise, from PCB over FPGA firmware to application software development, made them a one-stop-shop for our needs. We will happily consider them again for our future projects.»

Rafael Plonka
Team LeadOHB System AG

«Enclustra reworked and extended our existing FPGA design, which is a central part of a series of specialized measurement devices. Enclustra represents the FPGA expertise in our development team, and we look forward to working with them to further extend the functionality of our product line.»

Florian Leitner
Leiter Sondermaschinenbau ElektrotechnikSchaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

«Enclustra was tasked with implementation of the FPGA firmware for our next-generation test system, which is used to test our sensor products after manufacturing. They delivered on time, and integration into our system was seamless. We appreciated the close and uncomplicated collaboration with their engineering team.»

Stefan Wengle
Head of R&D Hardware/FirmwareSensirion AG

System Design

If you’re seeking efficient implementation of your product idea, improved algorithm performance, or lower system manufacturing costs, our cutting-edge FPGA/SoC expertise means that you don’t have to worry if FPGA/SoC knowledge is something your company lacks. We can support you in the design of your complete FPGA/SoC-based system. more>


Today’s FPGAs offer practically unlimited possibilities due to their fast logic cells, efficient routing, on-chip memory used on a granular basis, specialised function blocks (e.g. DSP) and powerful I/O structures. The importance of efficiently designed, well-written HDL code remains just as significant as ever. more>

Migrate Spartan 6 Systems

Do you need to upgrade your Xilinx Spartan 6 based system to a modern FPGA like a Zynq-7000 device or a Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC with an integrated processing system? With more than 17 years of FPGA system design experience, Enclustra can help you to jump-start your project.more>

Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) is a common application area for FPGAs and SoCs. Enclustra offers a unique combination of signal processing and FPGA/SoC technology expertise. As a result, algorithms are implemented optimally by design which reduces resource and power consumption and hence finally overall cost. more>

Video/Vision Processing

What if you need a video processing solution or algorithm that is not available of the shelf? Enclustra offers turn-key projects, from concept through implementation, to acceptance tests. On the other hand, Enclustra is also used to working hand-in-hand with customers throughout the project to achieve optimal flexibility and know-how transfer. more>


With each generation, FPGAs have become more powerful, the interfaces faster, physical dimensions smaller and wiring therefore more complex. This development has a direct impact on the requirements in FPGA hardware design. more>

Embedded Software

As more and more powerful SoC devices and soft processors become available, the development of embedded software for FPGA-based systems becomes increasingly important. The use of SoC devices or soft processors in FPGAs allows systems to be created with a previously unknown degree of flexibility. more>

Artificial Intelligence / AI

AI is conquering more and more applications, also in embedded vision systems. FPGA-based systems enable compact and efficient real-time decision-making at the edge. Their programmability makes them ideal for implementing AI algorithms, driving innovation and enhancing performance. more>