Design Services

Our engineering team supports you in all areas of FPGA-based system development, from high-speed hardware and HDL firmware through to embedded software, and from specification and implementation through to prototype production.

FPGA System Design

If you’re seeking efficient implementation of your product idea, improved algorithm performance, or lower system manufacturing costs, our cutting-edge FPGA expertise means that you don’t have to worry if FPGA knowledge is something your company lacks. We can support you in the design of your complete FPGA-based system. more


FPGA HDL Logo Today’s FPGAs offer practically unlimited possibilities due to their fast logic cells, efficient routing, on-chip memory used on a granular basis, specialised function blocks (e.g. DSP) and powerful I/O structures. The importance of efficiently designed, well-written HDL code remains just as significant as ever. more

FPGA Hardware

FPGA Hardware Logo With each generation, FPGAs have become more powerful, the interfaces faster, physical dimensions smaller and wiring therefore more complex. This development has a direct impact on the requirements in FPGA hardware design. more

Embedded Software

Embedded SW Logo As more and more powerful SoC devices and soft processors become available, the development of embedded software for FPGA-based systems becomes increasingly important. The use of SoC devices or soft processors in FPGAs allows systems to be created with a previously unknown degree of flexibility. more