Mercury PE1 Kits

Mercury PE1 Kit

Mercury PE1 Kit Mercury PE1 Kit


This product is deprecated, and no longer available.

Target Applications

  • Embedded computing
  • Industrial automation
  • Digital signal processing
  • Measurement and Test


  • Mercury-Family FPGA/SoC module
  • Mercury PE1 base board
  • USB cable
  • DC power supply

Product Selection Matrix

Product Code FPGA Module Base Board DC Power Supply USB Cable Status
HWK-PE1-CA1-30-8C-D7 ME-CA1-30-8C-D7 ME-PE1-C
HWK-PE1-CA1-75-8C-D7 ME-CA1-75-8C-D7 ME-PE1-C
HWK-PE1-KX1-160-1C-D10 ME-KX1-160-1C-D10 ME-PE1-C
HWK-PE1-KX1-325-2IW-D11-P ME-KX1-325-2I-D11-P ME-PE1-W
HWK-PE1-KX1-410-2IW-D11-P ME-KX1-410-2I-D11-P ME-PE1-W
HWK-PE1-ZX1-30-2IW-D10 ME-ZX1-30-2I-D10 ME-PE1-W
HWK-PE1-ZX1-45-2IW-D10-P ME-ZX1-45-2I-D10-P ME-PE1-W
HWK-PE1-ZX5-15-2IW-D10 ME-ZX5-15-2I-D10 ME-PE1-W
HWK-PE1-ZX5-30-1IW-D10 ME-ZX5-30-1I-D10 ME-PE1-W
HWK-PE1-SA1-C6-7IW-D10 ME-SA1-C6-7I-D10 ME-PE1-W

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