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Start your FPGA project today

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The unique combination of design services and FPGA & SoC Modules from Enclustra shorten time-to-market significantly.

To shorten time-to-market and reduce development costs, it is essential for a company to concentrate on its core competencies and know-how. No one can afford to waste precious time reinventing the wheel or debugging the integration of an IP Core that doesn’t work as expected.

That’s exactly where Enclustra can help to accelerate and smoothen the development process. Enclustra develops and sells it’s own off-the-shelf FPGA/SoC modules and IP Solutions and offers development services to customers – since more than 15 Years.

Enclustra always seeks the ideal solutions at minimal expense. If beneficial, we use an FPGA- or SoC-Module as well as IP Cores – also from third parties. This helps to shorten development time and free up engineering capacity to solve the application-specific challenges.

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