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Ethernet without any hassle

enclustra ethernet application note
Get Ethernet up and running on your FPGA

The Enclustra Gigabit Ethernet Application Note explains how to set up Gigabit Ethernet

In a lot of FPGA-based applications Ethernet is the preferred means for communication with a host. The Gigabit Ethernet Application Note gives an overview of the set up process for Gigabit Ethernet on Enclustra hardware. This includes obtaining the individual MAC addresses of the hardware in use, setting the correct RGMII timing constraints and configuring the PHY delays via MDIO.

The quickest and easiest way to obtain the MAC address of a module is with the Enclustra Module Configuration Tool (MCT): Only a USB connection is required to access and configure various baseboard and module properties. How to configure Ethernet bare metal, with U-boot and Linux is also described in detail in the application note.

Get all the details: Enclustra Gigabit Ethernet Application Note