USB 3.0 Quick-Start Kits

USB 3.0 Quick-Start Kit

Mars PM3 USB 3.0 QS Kits Mars PM3 USB 3.0 QS Kits


This product is deprecated, and no longer available.


Enclustra’s Mercury PE1, Mars PM3 and Mercury Starter base boards are ideal platforms to evaluate the Cypress EZ-USB® FX3™ controller working in USB 3.0 device mode. Our USB 3.0 Quick-Start Kits includes a Mars or Mercury family FPGA module and base board, as well as all necessary peripherals. Communication between the FPGA and FX3 is implemented using a 32-bit slave FIFO interface, running at 100 MHz. Each USB 3.0 Quick-Start Kit comes with the necessary host PC software, FX3 and FPGA firmware to implement FPGA to host (upstream) data rates up to 360 MBytes/sec and host to FPGA (downstream) data rates up to 250 MBytes/sec.


  • Allows up to 360 MBytes/sec upstream and up to 250 MBytes/sec downstream data transfer
  • Separate JTAG interfaces for debugging FX3 and FPGA using JTAG probes
  • FX3 can boot from on-board SPI flash or from USB


  • 32-bit slave FIFO interface between Cypress FX3 USB 3.0 controller and FPGA module
  • 16 Mbit SPI flash attached to FX3
  • Supports Windows 7 32/64-bit and Windows XP 32-bit


  • Reference design allows you to build your own USB 3.0 application within short time
  • FPGA VHDL, FX3 C and Host C++ source code included


  • Mars/Mercury family FPGA module
  • Mars PM3/Mercury PE1/Mercury Starter base board
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • DC power supply
  • JTAG breakout board for easy FX3 and FPGA JTAG access
  • Quick-Start guide
  • Source code for FPGA firmware (VHDL), FX3 firmware (C) and host PC application (C++)

Reference Design Overview

USB 3.0 Quick-Start Kit Reference DesignClick image to enlarge

Product Selection Matrix

Product Code FPGA Module Base Board Reference Design Source Code Status
QSK-USB3-PM3-MX1-45-3C-D7 MA-MX1-45-3C-D7 MA-PM3-C
QSK-USB3-PM3-MX2-45-3C-D7 MA-MX2-45-3C-D7 MA-PM3-C
QSK-USB3-PM3-AX3-100-1C-D8 MA-AX3-100-1C-D8 MA-PM3-C
QSK-USB3-PM3-AX3-100-2IW-D8 MA-AX3-100-2I-D8 MA-PM3-W
QSK-USB3-PM3-ZX3-20-1C-D9 MA-ZX3-20-1C-D9 MA-PM3-C
QSK-USB3-PM3-ZX3-20-2IW-D10 MA-ZX3-20-2I-D10 MA-PM3-C
QSK-USB3-STA-KX1-160-1C-D10 ME-KX1-160-1C-D10 ME-STA-C
QSK-USB3-STA-KX1-325-2IC-D11-P ME-KX1-325-2I-D11-P ME-STA-C
QSK-USB3-PE1-KX1-160-1C-D10 ME-KX1-160-1C-D10 ME-PE1-C
QSK-USB3-PE1-KX1-325-2IW-D11-P ME-KX1-325-2I-D11-P ME-PE1-W

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