Saturn SX1

Xilinx® Spartan®-3A DSP FPGA Module

Saturn SX1 FPGA Module Saturn SX1 FPGA Module (Front)
Saturn SX1 FPGA Module (Back)


This product is End-of-Life and no longer available.


The Saturn SX1 FPGA module is optimized for DSP applications. It offers high-performance yet low cost DSP FPGAs, large and high-bandwidth memory, LVDS I/Os and a USB 2.0 High-Speed device interface.

The Saturn Starter base board in conjunction with the Apollo evaluation platform enables rapid prototyping. A variety of Apollo expansion boards is available providing many different functions.


  • Features the largest Xilinx low-cost FPGA optimized for digital signal processing
  • Provides a FX2-based USB 2.0 High-Speed interface with data rates up to 30MBytes/sec. Linux and Windows drivers available.
  • Comes in handy credit card form factor
  • Only requires a single supply voltage


  • Vast amount of parallel processing power for DSP applications (up to 126 multipliers at 250 MHz = 31.5 GMAC/s)
  • High-bandwidth data I/O due to the large number of available LVDS pairs
  • Simple and low-cost integration, with standard interfaces (USB, UART) and a single supply voltage
  • Many IP cores are available from Xilinx, Enclustra and third parties


  • Xilinx Spartan-3A DSP FPGA
  • Credit card form factor (76 x 45 mm)
  • 142 user I/Os, single-ended or differential
  • Upto 16 MB SPI Flash
  • Up to 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Up to 1 MB SSRAM
  • PLL for up to 3 user clocks
  • FX2 USB 2.0 High-Speed interface
  • Voltage and temperature monitoring

Module Architecture

Saturn SX1 Module 
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Product Selection Matrix

Product CodeFPGASPI FlashDDR2 SDRAMSSRAMUSB 2.0Temp. RangeStatus
SA-SX1-1800-4C-D7 XC3SD1800A-4CSG484C 4MB 128MB 512kB 0..+70°C
SA-SX1-3400-5C-D7 XC3SD3400A-5CSG484C 4MB 128MB 1MB 0..+70°C
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XC3SD 1800- 4 CSG484 C
  3400- 5   I





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Custom module configurations are available starting at 30 pcs order quantity. Please contact us.

Target Applications

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Video Processing
  • Audio Processing
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Communications
  • Embedded Computing

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