Mercury+ PE3

Base Board for Mercury/Mercury+ FPGA Modules

Mercury+ PE3 Base Board Mercury+ PE3 Base Board (Front)
Mercury+ PE3 PCIe Base Board (Back)



The Mercury+ PE3 is versatile PCIe® base board equipped with a multitude of I/O interfaces for use with the Mercury/Mercury+ family of FPGA & SoC modules, providing a head start for building custom FPGA and SoC based hardware systems. The board is equally well suited for rapid prototyping and for building FPGA systems without designing custom hardware.



  • Compatible with all Mercury & Mercury+ FPGA & SoC modules
  • Offers PCIe® ×8, USB Type-C 3.0 with DisplayPort and USB 3.0 host connector
  • QSFP+/SFP+ interfaces for high-speed communication applications
  • Suitable from prototype to series production
  • Board 171 × 112.4 mm with PCIe ×8 edge connector
  • Can also be used as a standalone board (not as PCIe card)
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  • High-Speed FPGA and flash programming over USB from a host PC
  • Provides versatile set of I/O connectivity options, specialized for high-speed communication (PCIe, Firefly, SFP+/QSFP+) and video applications (HDMI)
  • I/O extension capability through robust I/O extension connectors


  • Mercury module connectors
  • PCIe × 8 interface
  • QSFP+ slot, 4 × SFP+ slots
  • USB 3.0 host connector
  • USB Type-C 3.0 interface with DisplayPort support
  • Samtec FireFly™ connector
  • M.2 SATA/PCIe socket
  • 2 × Gigabit Ethernet
  • HDMI connector
  • FMC HPC connector
  • Low-jitter clock generator
  • microSD card holder
  • FTDI USB 2.0 High-Speed device controller
  • System controller with USB JTAG/UART
  • Standalone or PCIe operation
  • 12 V single supply or USB-C powered
  • 171 × 112.4 mm (PCB only)

Please note that the available features depend on the equipped Mercury FPGA/SoC Module.

Board Architecture

Mercury+ PE3 Board ArchitectureClick image to enlarge

Product Selection Matrix

Product Code 4 × SFP+ connectors QSFP+ connector FMC HPC connector Temperature Range Status
ME-PE3-4S-C -10..+75°C no match
ME-PE3-C -10..+75°C no match

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Accessory kits

Add an accessory kit to have everything you need ready to start your project - just select the relevant accessory option when ordering.

Accessory kit pricing:

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ACC-BASE-USB2.0 Power supply, micro USB 2.0 cable 19 19 19

Target Applications

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Industrial Automation
  • Embedded Computing
  • Communications
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Motion Control
  • Medical Testing

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