Enclustra FPGA Solutions | FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Prices & Availability

Where can I find prices?

You find them on each product page in the product pricing table, listed in all accepted currencies: Swiss Francs, Euros and US Dollars.

All prices indicated do not include taxes.

How can I get a quote?

Place an enquiry via the enquiry page for the products you'd like.

How do I know if something is in stock?

It's indicated on each product page in the product selection matrix, along with the key to the indicators:

Key: in-stock Active limited-quantities Early Access contact-us Contact us

For products with the status "Contact us", you can get in touch via the Contact page.

What's the delivery time for volume quantities?

It depends on the lead time for the parts to be ordered – as a rule of thumb, expect a delivery time of at least 20 weeks.

I've placed an order for 80 units, but now I need 20 more – do I get the 100+ volume price?

Unfortunately not – volume pricing is calculated for each order separately. For orders of a large quantity of modules or boards, we offer delivery in stages.

Can I place a volume order with multiple delivery dates?

Yes. For orders over CHF 20,000 / USD 18,600 / EUR 16,200 we offer delivery in stages; the price will be for the total number of units ordered, inclusive of volume discount. A payment of 50% of the total order cost is required up front, with further payments required after each delivery. The order can be split into up to 4 predefined shipments over 12 months, and the remaining 50% of the cost divided over each shipment, and payable within 15 days of receipt. For each shipment, shipping costs are calculated and added.

Ordering & Shipping

How can I place an order?

You can place orders here.

What shipping method do you use?

Within Switzerland, all orders are shipped using TNT.

For all other countries, orders are shipped with DHL as standard.

Which countries do you ship to?

We can ship to anywhere the carrier can deliver to.

You can check if any of the carriers listed below serves your country by clicking through:

Why aren't shipping costs included in the advertised price of a product?

Shipping costs are unique for each country, and can only be calculated after ordering based on the contents of the order, and where the order is being shipped to.

How much does shipping cost?

It varies depending on shipping destination:

  • Within Switzerland: CHF 20
  • Within the eurozone: EUR 50
  • Rest of the world: USD 80

Note that for certain countries, there may be an extra handling fee.

Is it possible to ship with our courier account?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to ship with a custom courier account – this is in order to keep general shipping prices as low, and delivery as fast as possible.

Is there a distributor in my country?

Selected Enclustra products are also available from Digikey and Avnet.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

An estimated delivery time is included in your order confirmation. If the products are in stock, delivery normally takes less than a week, otherwise it can take from 8 to 12 weeks. Also note that orders are only shipped once payment is received.

I'd like to track my order – what's the tracking number of my parcel?

After your parcel is picked up by the courier, you'll receive an email with the tracking number.

It’s been quite a while, and I still haven’t received my order. What should I do?

Send us a message with your order number and we'll look into it.


How can I pay for my order?

You can pay by bank transfer.

What are your bank account details?

We have three accounts in different currencies:

  1. US Dollars (USD):
    • SWIFT instruction, field 71A (Details of Charges): OUR
    • IBAN (USD): CH98 0022 5225 1099 6561 L
    • Account-no: 0225-109965.61L
  2. Euros (EUR):
    • IBAN (EUR): CH34 0022 5225 1099 6560 C
    • Account-no: 0225-109965.60C
  3. Swiss Francs (CHF):
    • IBAN (CHF): CH06 0022 5225 1099 6501 E
    • Account-no: 0225-109965.01E
  • Bank name: UBS Switzerland AG
  • Bank address: 8098 Zurich, Switzerland
  • Clearing-no.: 0225
  • Our address: Enclustra GmbH, Räffelstrasse 28, CH-8045 Zurich, Switzerland

Please be sure to use the correct account matching the currency of your payment.

Changes & Returns

My order was damaged in transit – what should I do?

Send us a message with your order number and we'll contact you.

What I ordered isn't what I received – how can I exchange it?

If there has been an error in your order, send us a message with your order number and we'll sort it out.

Support for Modules & Base Boards

I have a technical problem. How can I get support?

Please use the online support form

How fast will I get an answer?

You should receive the first answer usually within 2 business days.

What are the support costs?

For non-Enclustra related questions and design-in support, Enclustra offers technical support packages. These are pre-paid packages of at least 4 hours.

Enclustra also offers custom baseboard reviews (schematics and/or PCB) that are designed for Enclustra modules. For offers and prices please contact our sales team: Get in Contact

What are the product deliverables?

The product user manual contains a complete list of deliverables (documents and design support files) for Enclustra hardware. This list includes:

  • User schematics (PDF)
  • 3D models (STEP and PDF)
  • Module footprints
  • IO netlength
  • FPGA pinout
  • Master pinout
  • Reference design
  • Revision information
  • User manual
  • Module connection guidelines
  • Heat sink information

For some products not all deliverables may be available.

I am interested in a custom module similar to an already available module. What are my options?

If our standard modules (active products or planned for development) do not perfectly fit your needs, please note that we offer various development services, such as: custom module design and module co-design (use it as a standard product and split the costs between Enclustra and you, depending on the requirements). Please let us know if you are interested in any of these services, so we can find the best solution for you.

Where can I find an overview of the available products?

For AMD modules, please refer to the Selection guide for AMD modules,
for Intel based modules, please refer to the Selection guide for Intel-based modules.

The entire product catalogue including other products such as base boards and IP solutions is available in the Enclustra Catalogue

Hardware, Failures & Warranty

What's the duration of guarantee and warranty?

The guarantee period amounts to one (1) year after delivery of the goods. The warranty period amounts to one (1) years after delivery of the goods.

Unsuitable or unprofessional deployment, wear and tear, unsuitable storage, a lack of care during utilization, or non-approved alterations to the goods made by the client or third parties invalidate the rights of guarantee.

What's the right way to mount Mercury modules?

Take special care with the mounting orientation of Mercury modules – they can fit in the connectors both ways round, and may will be damaged if mounted the wrong way and powered up. Always check that the mounting hole positions on the base board and the Mercury FPGA module are aligned.

What are the most frequent causes of hardware failure?

  • ESD event on power or signal line
  • Over-voltage on power or signal line
  • Plugging/unplugging the module while powered
  • Touching sensitive parts of the power converters during operation causing instability

My hardware doesn't work as expected – what should I do?

Send us a message with a detailed description of the problem, include the serial number and ordering code (check the sticker on the PCB) and we'll contact you to come up with a solution.

What is the typical power dissipation of an FPGA module?

It's not possible to give an estimate of power dissipation without knowing about the FPGA design. Power dissipation is heavily dependent on clock frequency, toggle rate and logic usage.

For an estimate of the power consumption for Intel devices, check here.

For an estimate of the power consumption for AMD FPGAs, take a look at the AMD Power Estimator.

My FPGA is getting very hot – what should I do?

If an FPGA is getting hot during operation, make sure that there is some heat-dissipating air flow over the chip, either by mounting a fan, a heat sink, or even both. You can read out the temperature of the AMD 7-Series FPGAs with Chipscope, or the temperature of the Real Time Clock with ISL.

I need to send my module to repair. Can I get a replacement module until I get mine back?

Electronic boards are very sensitive and wear out during use. Even if we do a full production test with a lent module or base board, we can’t sell it anymore. Therefore, it is not possible to lend them.

Custom Models

What's the minimum order quantity for a custom configuration?

It depends on the product and the configuration – send us an enquiry with details.

What is the delivery time for custom products?

It depends on the lead time for the parts to be ordered – as a rule of thumb, expect a delivery time of at least 12 weeks.

IP Solutions

What kind of IP licenses does Enclustra offer?

We normally offer binary site and source site licenses. In special cases, binary project licenses might be offered.

What's the definition of a Site?

A site is a single geographic location in which licensee conducts business, with a radius of no more than 5 kilometers.

Are there any royalties?

No, Enclustra IP licenses are one-time purchases and there are no royalties. But if you want to get updates, upgrades or support, you will need a maintenance agreement.

What kind of code do I get?

For binary licenses, you get encrypted VHDL code or a netlist for the FPGA part and binaries for the software part. For source licenses, you get the VHDL and C/C++/C# source code of all code written by Enclustra.

Are the IP-Cores also available in Verilog Code?

No, all Enclustra IP Cores are written in VHDL.

Is support included?

No, support is not included in the license fees. We offer pre-paid support packages of at least 4h. Please contact us for an offer. The IP core also need to be under maintenance to get support.

Can I buy additional options after licensing an IP core?

Only if your IP core is under maintenance.

Can I get updates for my IP cores?

Yes, you can get updated without any cost if your IP core is under maintenance.

Can I get a version for another FPGA family?

Yes, if you have a site license and your IP core is under maintenance, you can get the IP core for any FPGA family we support.

Are there evaluation versions available?

Yes, we offer free evaluation versions of our IP-Cores. These are runtime limited to 1h. If you need support to integrate the IP-Core into your design or project, you will need to buy a support package.

What does maintenance cost?

Maintenance is included in the license cost for the first year. After this maintenance costs 15% of the current license cost per year. We also offer a 3-year maintenance for 30% of the license cost (1 year for free).

Can I re-enter maintenance after it expired?

If the maintenance for an IP core is expired, a reinstatement fee (typically in the range of a full license fee) will be due.

I think I found a bug in an Enclustra IP-Core. What happens now?

Please open a support case. The time until we can reproduce the bug here will be charged as normal support time. As soon as it is proven that it is a bug in our IP core and not error in the usage/integration, we will provide a bugfix or workaround if possible.