Enclustra FPGA Solutions | San Diego Annual Seminar on FPGA / SoC | San Diego Annual Seminar on FPGA / SoC
Free seminar
San Diego Annual Seminar on FPGA / SoC

Learn about the latest technological innovations, practical solutions, tools and trends from the FPGA and SoC world

SoCs and FPGAs have proliferated in the past decade to the point of now being used in many of the systems we use in our daily life and those our industries and governments rely on. The development of SoCs and FPGAs systems has never been so much in demand.

In this free seminar made possible by Enclustra, expert engineers from Enclustra and LSF Design – a U.S. based embedded design firm – will present the latest technological innovations, practical solutions, tools and trends from the FPGA and SoC world that you can leverage in your next project.

For more information email us at tristan.martin@enclustra.com

Why join

  • Stay on top of your game with the latest technological innovations and trends from the FPGA and SoC world.
  • Exchange and get inspired. Network with other engineers working in the same field.
  • Connect with partners including design service companies, system-on-module and FPGA / SoC suppliers.

Who should join

  • Hardware and FPGA/SoC developers
  • Embedded software developers
  • System and software architects
  • Technical engineering manager


Time Topic
8:15-8:45 Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:45-9:15 Opening and welcome note
9:15-10:15 Efficient FPGA-based DSP up to GS/s
  • Traditional DSP design challenges
  • Parallel DSP – Handling sample rates above the clock frequency
  • Bit-true design approach
10:15-10:30 Unveiling of the low latency video demos

The demo compares the performance and resource usage of 3 different implementatoins of a video processing pipeline: Software, High Level Synthesis (HLS) and hand optimized VHDL.

10:30-11:00 Coffee & networking break
11:00-12:00 Key Considerations in FPGA-based Vision Systems
  • Optimizing video processing algorithms for FPGA implementation
  • Efficient bring-up of video and vision designs
  • AI, and when AI on FPGA makes sense

BONUS: includes application notes and firmware/software files for easy implementation of key IPs for your video applications (OpenGL ES on Mali GPU, VCU core, MIPI-CSI1/2/3, DisplayPort, and HDMI)

12:00-13:00 Pizza or Deli Lunch and Networking
13:00-13:45 Multiproject/-product design strategy with FPGA SOM
  • Benefits of a multiproject/-product design strategy
  • Technology requirements
  • Implications to design flow
  • First steps
13:45-14:00 Coffee & networking break
14:00-14:45 Building Smart Factories using AMD Adaptive Platforms (presented by Xilinx AMD)
  • Modern factory requirements and challenges.
  • How AMD can address these challenges?
  • Resources to get you started.
  • Touch on functional safety, Security, predictive maintenance & much more.
14:45-15:30 SOC Module Use in an Embedded Sonar Transmitter
  • Choosing an SOC Module for Embedded Applications
  • Sonar Application in an SOC overview
  • Enclustra Build Environment for Linux
  • Remote Host to FPGA Application Interfaces
15:30-15:45 Closing note – by Tristan Martin (Enclustra)
15:45-18:00 Refreshments, bites, and networking
18:00 End of event

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