Get ready for your AI based FPGA application

Free seminar: Jump-start your AI based FPGA application

It has never been so easy to realize AI applications. Thanks to the Plug-and-Play SoC Modules from Enclustra, like the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs based Mars XU3 and the Xilinx Deep Learning Neural Network Development Kit (DNNDK) it's a snap to integrate AI in your application.

The Xilinx DNNDK provides users with the tools to develop and deploy Machine Learning applications for Real-time Inference. And with an Enclustra SoC Module the power of AI can now also be used offline and on the edge with minimal effort.

Eager to learn more and jump-start your AI project? Klick on the link below and get all presentations from our in-depth AI seminar «Jump-start your AI based FPGA application»: AI introduction