Enclustra FPGA Solutions | We Now Speak Chinese - 我们可以说中文了!

We Now Speak Chinese - 我们可以说中文了!

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Enclustra is further strengthening its growing Asia site, located in Shenzhen, China. To better support our customers in China, Enclustra just published a dedicated Website in Chinese.

为了更好的为我们位于中国的客户提供支持,同时为了进一步支持持续发展中的位于中国深圳的亚洲分公司,Enclustra (瑞苏盈科)刚刚发布了中文专用网站。

Whether you are looking for a Xilinx- or Intel- (Altera-) based FPGA or SoC module (System-on-Module/SOM): Enclustra has it covered. You can find all relevant and technical information well arranged on www.enclustra.com.cn. Also, the user manuals and all important information needed to design-in an Enclustra module into your application are available.

无论您是在寻找基于Xilinx或是Intel(Altera)的FPGA或 SoC 核心板/开发板 - Enclustra(瑞苏盈科)都可以为您提供。您可以到我们的中文网站www.enclustra.com.cn找到全部相关的技术信息。同时用户手册和使用Enclustra模块做应用设计开发的全部重要的信息也都可以从中文网站上获得。

To shorten time-to-market as much as possible, Enclustra offers broad design-in support for their products and a comprehensive ecosystem, offering all required hardware, software and support materials. Detailed documentation and reference designs make it easy to get started. A user manual, user schematics, a 3D-model, PCB footprints and differential I/O length tables and the Linux-based Board Support Package (BSP) are all provided. In combination with ready-made base boards and heatsinks, developing an FPGA project has never been easier.

为了尽可能地帮助您缩短产品的研发上市时间,Enclustra(瑞苏盈科)同时提供基于我们产品的全方位的研发设计服务以及完整的开发生态系统,其中包括全部的硬件,软件和支持资源。详细的文档和参考设计使得开始产品开发变得容易。用户手册,原理图,3D 模型, PCB封装配置以及差分I/O表和基于Linux的支持包(BSP)全部都为您提供。结合现成的底板/开发板和散热器,开发FPGA项目从未像现在这么简单。

Visit our new China website and start your FPGA based project today: www.enclustra.com.cn.
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