Our products: reduce time and cost to market

 FPGA Modules

Mars MX2 FPGA Module Our FPGA modules are developed with the aim of simplifying the overall design of your FPGA-based system, thus significantly reducing the time and cost to market. more

 System-on-Chip Modules

Mars MX2 FPGA ModuleOur system-on-chip (SoC) modules combine industry standard processor systems with powerful FPGA logic, enabling embedded systems with so far unmatched performance and flexibility. more

 Base Boards

Mars Starter Base BoardOur base boards, designed for use with our FPGA modules, provide a multitude of I/O interfacing options. They’re well-suited for rapid prototyping and building low-quantity FPGA systems, without the need to build custom hardware. more

 FMC Cards

Mars Starter Base BoardOur FMC cards provide application-specific functionality and easy integration with industry-standard, FMC-enabled base boards. more

 IP Cores

IP CoresOur intellectual property (IP) cores consist of VHDL components, libraries and test benches which are efficient and easily-integrated. Memory interfacing, networking, peripheral communication, and display connection with your FPGA are made simple. more

FPGA Manager

IP CoresOur FPGA Manager solution, comprising both firmware and software, allows for easy, efficient data transfer between a host and an FPGA using different interface standards, such as USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express. more