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Embedded systems are getting increasingly complex. Lack of visibility into the system causes additional difficulties to developers, because they are not able to check the components of each device as well as their interactions. Visual system integrator (VSI) from Systems View Inc. makes it simple to integrate FPGA and Embedded systems and to describe complete heterogeneous systems in an intuitive easy to use graphical environment. This is the only product on the market that allows both describing a platform and building a system using the platform in the same environment.


Download VSI or read the documentation at the Visual Systems Inc. website.

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Mandelbrot demo application

Visual system integrator block diagramClick image to enlarge

This demo shows a Mercury KX1 module mounted on a Mercury PE1 base board, connected via PCIe to the host PC. The Mandelbrot fractal set is calculated in the FPGA fabric as well as on one core of the PC's Intel i7 processor. The data calculated on the FPGA is transferred to the host via PCIe.

The system was designed in Visual System Integrator from Systemview, which allows the development of applications spanning different resources, within the same tool.

The demo shows how FPGAs can be integrated seamlessly into a CPU-based system to accelerate computational tasks.

The FPGA design consists of 14 identical Mandelbrot cores; each of these cores calculate a 64 x 64 pixel block. The complete image consists of 209 blocks.

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