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(资深)FPGA/SoC PCB 工程师 | (Senior) FPGA/SoC PCB Designer




(资深)FPGA/SoC PCB 工程师


  • 为FPGA模块和底板设计复杂的高密度、高速数字PCB。
  • 确保多层HDI PCB设计的可制造性,以实现可靠性、最佳性能和低成本。
  • 与总部合作,加强和维护公司的元器件库。
  • 根据我们的质量管理维护现有设计并执行较小的设计更改。
  • 二级目标
    • 识别信号和电源完整性的风险,并与技术主管一起定义和执行缓解计划。
    • 与技术主管合作,支持制造商生产的各个方面。
    • 评估与PCB和贴片组装技术及设计方法相关的趋势。
    • 通过适当调整生产数据来提高产品的良率。


  • 规划新的FPGA模块和底板的堆叠和早期布局和布线前分析,以检查可行性。
  • 根据行业最佳实践和公司准则设置PCB设计规则,以实现系统的稳定性能和可制造性。
  • 优化布局并实现完整的布线。与主管工程师密切合作,迭代具有挑战性的部分。
  • 优化布局并实现完整的布线。与主管工程师密切合作,迭代具有挑战性的部分。
  • 与供应商和质量管理团队密切合作解决质量问题。
  • 根据上级指示完成其他任务。


  • 为FPGA模块和底板设计并实现高密度、高速数字PCB。
  • 确保PCB上信号和电源完整性方面的最高质量。
  • 负责快速可靠地实现PCB 设计。
  • 负责正确和一致的制造记录(PCB 和PCBA生产数据等)。
  • 通过每周和月度报告定期进行报告。


  • 本描述中涉及的任务责任将被定期审阅,并根据需要更新。

Enclustra 瑞苏盈科为您提供令人兴奋、开放的工作环境和具有大量创作自由的多样化工作。与我们一起,您会发现有来自 10 个国家成员的积极团队、不拘一格的决策渠道、灵活的工作时间模式和友好的工作氛围。 我们现代化的办公室配备了最先进的技术设备,与公共交通连接得很好,交通便利。 请将您的完整申请表(包括照片、工作证书和文凭的副本)发送至 hr185496@enclustra.com。 我们无法处理通过邮寄或代理机构发送的申请。申请后,请随时通过电子邮件与我们联系,了解您的申请状态。

Enclustra is an innovative, dynamic and growing company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and representatives worldwide. We develop a product portfolio of FPGA-based electronic modules and FPGA-optimized IP solutions for industrial customers and research organizations. In parallel, we provide leading engineering services in FPGA system design, and in development of high-speed hardware, FPGA firmware and embedded software.

To increase the strength of our dynamic engineering team in Nanshan, Shenzhen, we are looking for a

(Senior) FPGA/SoC PCB Designer (f/m/d)


  • Design complex high-density high-speed digital PCBs for FPGA modules and carrier boards.
  • Ensure manufacturability of multilayer HDI PCB designs for reliability, best performance, and low-cost.
  • Enhance, and maintain the company parts library in collaboration with the HQ.
  • Maintain existing designs and execute minor design changes according to our QM.
  • Secondary objectives
    • Identifying risks for signal and power integrity and working with the technical lead to define and execute mitigation plans.
    • Work with technical lead to support all aspects of production with the manufacturers, including technical topics on production.
    • Assessment of trends related to PCB and assembly technology and design methodologies.
    • Improve production yield of products by adjusting production data where appropriate.


  • Perform stack-up planning, early placement and pre-routing analysis for new FPGA modules and baseboards to check feasibility.
  • Setup PCB design rules according to industry best-practice and company guidelines for stable performance and manufacturability of the system.
  • Optimize placement and implement complete routing. Iterate on challenging section in close collaboration the lead engineer.
  • Generate, check, and maintain all production data for PCB manufacturing and assembly partners.
  • Interact closely with suppliers and QM team to resolve quality issues.
  • Special tasks according to superiors' instructions.


  • Design and Implementation of high-density high-speed digital PCBs for FPGA modules and carrier boards.
  • Ensure highest possible quality in respect to signal and power integrity on the PCB.
  • Responsible for fast and reliable implementation of PCB designs.
  • Responsible for correct and consistent manufacturing records (PCB and PCBA production data etc.).
  • Report regularly through weekly and monthly reports.


  • This description of the function will be periodically reviewed and adjusted when required.

Please send your complete application including a photo, copies of your work certificates and diplomas to hr185496@enclustra.com. We are unable to process applications arriving via postal mail or sent by agencies.

After applying, please feel free to contact us by phone at any time to know the status of your application.

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