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FPGA and SoC solutions are playing a key-role in vision systems. In embedded systems, FPGA/SoC technology often is the only viable solution that allows achieving performance goals within cost, latency and power budgets. In centralized processing like data centers, this technology provides huge benefits in terms of performance per power. The downside of the FPGA/SoC technology is its inaccessibility to novice developers. This is where Enclustra comes into play: We know the technology, the tools, as well as available off-the-shelf products, and our aim is to bridge the accessibility gap between your application know-how and the superior performance of the FPGA/SoC technology. On the one hand, Enclustra offers turn-key projects, from concept through implementation, to acceptance tests. On the other hand, Enclustra is also used to working hand-in-hand with customers throughout the project to achieve optimal flexibility and know-how transfer.

Enclustra’s goal is your success. Nobody knows your application better than you do and Enclustra’s mission is to support you in getting this know-how efficiently mapped to FPGA LUTs, DSP slices and embedded software.

IP-Based Design

Video processing is demanding by nature in terms of bandwidth and throughput. As a result, even simple operations such as applying an overlay to a video stream are not trivial to implement. To keep development effort and risk low, Enclustra uses available IP cores wherever feasible.

Thanks to the experience from many customer projects, we are closely familiar with the existing IP solutions from FPGA/SoC vendors such as Xilinx and Intel, as well as a wide variety of 3rd-party IP cores for common functions. We don’t charge engineering hours for developing something that already exists. Instead, we evaluate and integrate IP cores that fit your needs to get your project finished faster and at lower cost.

IP integration sounds like an easy thing to do, but actually the amount of time to get used to the different products, their drivers and the corresponding reference designs is hardly justifiable for a single project. As a design-house, Enclustra can share this initial effort among many projects and hence build IP-based designs quickly and at low cost.

Technology Expertise

Enclustra is focused on FPGA/SoC technology since over 15 years. We know the available devices and IP cores as well as their features by heart, and we keep technology constraints in mind when designing a video processing pipeline. As a result, any system or algorithm design done by Enclustra is guaranteed to nicely fit into real-world FPGA/SoC devices.

Achieving leading edge performance is Enclustra’s daily work and Enclustra’s engineering team has hundreds of person-years of cumulative experience in timing-closure, floorplanning and low-level-optimization, including newest-generation devices. For projects with lower performance requirements, the same optimization know-how is used to optimize for different key requirements, such as inexpensive target devices or low-power operation.Quality is key to get projects done in time. Therefore, Enclustra’s fine-tuned development processes include regular peer-reviews and fully automated regression tests, which are developed and delivered along with the production code.

Custom Algorithms

What if you need a video processing algorithm that is not very common and therefore is not available as off-the-shelf IP core? Enclustra is capable of designing and implementing custom algorithms in RTL or HLS. For all custom algorithms, a bit-true model is developed first, so that the exact performance of the algorithm can be evaluated before spending the effort on an FPGA implementation.

You have an idea of what you want to achieve but not an architecture or exact specification yet? No worries. Enclustra can define the most optimal architecture in close collaboration with you. Different implementation options (cache architectures, number-formats, etc.) and trade-offs are discussed with you, so all decisions are well-founded and not to be regretted later in the project.

All commonly-used development tools and programming languages are well-known at Enclustra. Whether your preferred language is Python, MATLAB, OpenCV, C/C++ or .NET/C#: We are fluent.