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Optimized for FPGA/SoC


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FPGA and SoC solutions are playing a key-role in vision systems. In embedded systems, FPGA/SoC technology often is the only viable solution that allows achieving performance goals within cost, latency and power budgets. In centralized processing like data centers, this technology provides huge benefits in terms of performance per power. The downside of the FPGA/SoC technology is its inaccessibility to novice developers. This is where Enclustra comes into play: We know the technology, the tools, as well as available off-the-shelf products, and our aim is to bridge the accessibility gap between your application know-how and the superior performance of the FPGA/SoC technology. On the one hand, Enclustra offers turn-key projects, from concept through implementation, to acceptance tests. On the other hand, Enclustra is also used to working hand-in-hand with customers throughout the project to achieve optimal flexibility and know-how transfer.

Enclustra’s goal is your success. Nobody knows your application better than you do and Enclustra’s mission is to support you in getting this know-how efficiently mapped to FPGA LUTs, DSP slices and embedded software.


  • Frame grabbers
  • Smart cameras
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Surveillance and security systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Broadcast systems
  • AI-based algorithms

Why choose Enclustra?

  • 100% project success record
  • Capability of implementing full custom RTL algorithms
  • Experience with integration of 3rd party and Xilinx IP
  • We develop – you own!
    • Delivery of all sources and IP rights
    • Know-how transfer at the end of the project
  • Flexibility and close collaboration with customers